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Title Book: Summary of the Universe Has Your Back
Author : Fastreads
ISBN 10: 1541098234
ISBN 13: 9781541098237
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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"What blocks our joy is our separation from love." - Gabrielle Bernstein
"The moment you realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented." - Gabrielle Bernstein
"Every word we say and every image we see symbolizes either love or fear." - Gabrielle Bernstein
"Running from fear is like running around a track. You'll inevitably wide up back in the same place again and again until you truly accept it." - Gabrielle Bernstein
"The moment you embrace your peace within and surrender the outcome is the moment that the Universe can truly get to work." - Gabrielle Bernstein
What You Will Learn From Reading This Book?

  • You will learn that happiness can be achieved if you leave your worries behind and trust the Universe to take care of things. Not that you shouldn't try or work at it, but when you have done your best, leave the rest to be handled by the higher power.
  • You will see there are many reasons humans react the way they do, and how negativity can pervade our daily lives if we're not careful. You can learn to recognize and avoid the stresses and worry which can ruin your day.
  • You will learn you cannot do it alone, you must trust in the higher power to help.

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Book Summary Overview With her own life lessons and struggles, as well as stories from clients and friends, Gabrielle Bernstein teaches the reader to trade fear for love. Through a general view of a personal higher being, she leads with love without stepping on religious ground. Connection to the higher power through love, the greater good, and the individual's pursuit of enlightenment are her goals with this book. Much time is spent on how humans process emotions and default to fear.
Bernstein believes everything in life is represented in either fear or love. Further, she stresses we have the choice to determine which road we will take. Several example situations exemplify this difficult path and how the individuals conquered their fears with acceptance and love. She offers links to her website with specific prayers and meditations for those who wish for such guidance and encourages the reader to find their own path to peace. The main theme of the book is to endeavor to respond to everything in life with love instead of fear; and to surrender all the negativity, goals, and problems to the Universe.
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